All About Our Damp Proofing Services

If you own a property, you are probably aware of the issue of damp, but do you understand how damp works? How does the water get into the walls of the building? After all, when it rains, the water runs down the brickwork without coming in. Shelter from the elements is the whole point of building a home in the first place, since it is expected to stop the wind and the rain. Yet, all too often, where the home has not been treated with the correct damp proofing options, moisture can make it through the walls and start to cause problems with bubbling plaster, peeling paint and even mould. As the leading damp proofing contractors Wolverhampton has to offer, AMP Da Silva have seen damp in many buildings. They specialise in providing the damp proofing services to help you to deal with the problem.

So how does damp work? If you look at a brick, it looks solid. But if you looked under a microscope, you would see that it has tiny little holes running through it. Water rising through narrow tubes is a simple scientific principle. It is how a straw works when you have a drink in a fast-food restaurant, and how plants get water from the roots. If there is a source of moisture, the water can be drawn up through the bricks as if by little straws. The moisture could be coming from damp around the foundations of the building, or it could be a leaking pipe, such as a gutter that is draining water into the brickwork or making a continual leak against the wall. As the experts in damp proofing services Wolverhampton property owners can trust, AMP Da Silva have dealt with damp problems caused by all types of problems.

Once the water is in the brickwork, it can begin to cause invisible but serious problems. It can soak into the plaster or timber of the building. This can lead to problems like rotting wood, woodworm, as well as crumbling plaster, peeling paint and bubbling wallpaper. Sometimes this can be happening behind furniture.

One of the biggest problems, ironically, can be modern treatments. Many older buildings are susceptible to rising moisture, but at the time when they were built, the paints on the wall were water based. This meant that moisture could evaporate out of the walls. Some modern paints, cements and renders are designed to be impermeable to water. Unfortunately, this can also mean that if you have moisture rising in the wall, it cannot escape into the air, leading to a greater build up of moisture.

Obviously, this is not something that any property owners want to happen. Fortunately, AMP Da Silva is on hand to help as the leading choice of damp proofing contractors. They can protect your home using the latest materials and treatments and prevent the damp rising in the wall. For more information, contact the team. They are waiting to help you to protect your home.

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