Everything You Need To Know About Spray Painting

Exciting new developments are afoot in the world of domestic and commercial decorating!  New technology is making it possible for paint finishes on all surfaces to be achieved more quickly and consistently than ever before.  By borrowing a leaf from the book of paint spraying experts, such as car bodywork specialists, leading interior and exterior decorators such as AMP Da Silva of Wolverhampton are able to harness the power of technology and offer our customers a higher quality and more cost-effective service than ever before.

Paint protects surfaces and provides a smooth, even finish, which is usually pigmented to give a splash of colour.  The traditional way of applying paint is using a brush, and brushwork is still important in most types of decorative painting since it offers decorators detailed control over the finer points of their work.  But painting a large area by hand, with a brush, is very time consuming, and it can be difficult for even experienced professionals to achieve a consistent finish.  For this reason, many large products – such as cars, shipping containers, and so forth – are spray painted using machines which propel the paint on a jet of air.

The advantages are that it is easy to cover a large area quickly using spray painting techniques, and to achieve a smooth finish.  However, most interior and exterior decorators continue to paint large walls and other structures by hand.  This is because, until now, paints formulated for use on masonry, plaster, and other architectural surfaces have not been suitable for spraying machines.  However, things are changing, and at AMP Da Silva we are determined to stay ahead of the game by investing in the latest technology for the benefit of our customers.

Therefore, the latest addition to the list of solutions we offer are decorative paint spraying services.  While most paint spraying contractors in the West Midlands refinish cars and garden furniture, we make use of similar equipment to give your home or commercial premises a new and distinguished look.  Our new painting gear is designed to provide quick and flawless coverage for interior and exterior walls, fences, garages, and hard standing areas, with a selection of paint types available for the different applications.  Thanks to this new type of paint spraying Wolverhampton properties will look more attractive than ever.

Of course, we aren’t just a spray-painting company, we are expert decorators with decades of experience and this feature is just a part of the overall service we are happy to provide.  When customers task us to revitalise their homes with a bold new look, we apply whatever technique will give you the results you desire – home spray painting is just one tool we can use to transform your property.  We use the same approach when decorating shops and offices, so if your place of work needs a makeover, decorative commercial spray painting could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

To learn more about decorative paint spraying services Wolverhampton customers can get in touch with us online or by telephone.

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