Rendering Services & What You Need To Know

Rendering is one of those jobs which falls between two disciplines, in this case the decorating and building trades.  Are renders supplied and applied by decorators the same as those provided by builders?  When you are searching for a contractor to apply or repair a render, which section of the trade directories should you be looking in?  Read on to learn more about rendering, and what property owners need to know about residential and commercial rendering systems.

First of all, it is important to point out that there are a great many experienced and respected tradespeople operating in the Wolverhampton area, and many of them will be quite capable of providing the rendering services you need.  Competence in this area depends on understanding the materials, and anyone with this knowledge will be able to do a good job.  As long as they are conscientious, reputable traders, all such workers will use high quality commercial and residential rendering systems, such as those from Johnstone’s, the respected building and decorating materials supplier.  The difference is in the approach taken to applying the product to your property.

The building trade is primarily concerned with how a building works on the functional level.  The main purpose of render is to protect the structural materials underneath from weather and damage, and as long as a render is kept in good repair, it will do this job well.  Most builders who understand the process can diagnose a failed render and make the necessary repairs.

However, the role of a professional decorator involves an added dimension – that of preserving or improving the appearance of a property.  And this is where professional decorators with crossover experience, such as AMP Da Silva, really shine.  Besides appreciating the importance of completing a sound render for the purpose of protecting the building, we have the knowledge and resources to go one step further and complete your residential rendering to a standard which makes it a decorative feature of your home.

Many houses built around half a century ago had partial or complete renders to cover the brickwork.  After so many years, some of these renders are beginning to fail, but fear not, repairs can be simple if the problem is addressed early!  A good render repair will seal the surface off once again, but to maintain the appearance and value of your property, it’s important to use a product and application technique which match the repaired section with the existing render.  As experienced professional decorators, AMP Da Silva are used to blending their work in visually, so making a functional and seamless repair won’t be a problem.

Or if you’re in the market for commercial rendering, we can help with that too!  We have access to the latest products which can create all kinds of attractive colours and finishes, to protect your building while making your business stand out on the high street.  Using a decorator’s eye for detail, we can help you choose just the right rendering product for your home or business premises.

To learn more about our rendering services Wolverhampton customers can contact us online, or learn more about the actual process here.

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